Sunday, March 13, 2011

Design and Paper, Issue No. 30

In the late 1930s Marquardt & Co. Inc. Fine Papers introduced a series of small booklets titled Design and Paper which was a sophisticated quarterly considered to be one of the finest paper samples of it's day. The earliest issues were devoted to various designer's portfolios of trademarks, handlettering examples, wood engravings, type designs and bookplates. Later issues showcased the work of individual designers such as Erik Nitsche, Raymond Loewy, Ladislav Sutner, Albert Schiller, E. McKnight Kauffer and Robert M. Jones to name just a few. The quarterly ran for 39 issues in total and was distributed to printers, ad executives and art directors in the trade. Issue No. 30 displayed here, is entirely the wonderful pen and ink work of Saul Steinberg (1914-1999). His skillful drawings in this issue are reprinted from various magazines and his book, The Art of Living. The text is written by P.K. Thomajan who provides a lively commentary alongside Steinberg's work. He calls him a "visual hisstorian whose ironic whimsies flex into the most effete effects." The beautiful design of this booklet is by Souren Ermoyan, who later became art director at Town & Country and Good Housekeeping magazines. From front to back, he has done an exceptional job and service of showcasing the talent, illustration and handlettering work of Saul Steinberg. See many more examples of Steinberg's delightful work here. This guy was one of the most amazing minds of any illustrator working in the last century. You won't be disappointed.
:: Images of the Design and Paper issue No. 30 are provided by the Letterology Archives.

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