Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Salaryman

I fell in love when I saw this book cover of Salaryman. I have no idea who designed it, but it is so inspired. I found it on this Japanese book dealer's site. The paperback book is a collection of humorous quotations for businessmen from 1955. I don't know the significance of the crow, but my guess is it is a metaphor for the salaryman. Hence the wonderful part face, part crow illustration. Since I cannot read Japanese, I had a translation provided to me by my former student Hiroko. She tells me the title translates in English to Salaryman, meaning businessman in Japanese. The author is Teiichi Sadao, but he's best known for his pen name Ryōtarō Shiba and he is super famous in Japan. (Sounds just like a Tom Waits song). Thanks Hiroko!

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