Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bar Does DeLillo

All I got is simply beautiful! One of the most difficult concepts in design is to distill something to it's very core or essence and Noma Bar is a master at this. See more of the book covers in this series here. All ten Don DeLillo book covers were art directed by It's Nice That.
:: Via the ever clever Monoscope


  1. Hey Jen!

    thought you might enjoy these, in case you haven't seen them: http://www.gomediazine.com/design-articles/50-and-50-the-state-motto-project/

    Though your blog is so full of wonderful things, I can't imagine you miss anything!



  2. Welcome to Letterland Molly!

    No I have not seen this and it's wonderful. Oh so many lovely links there are. I will try to get to this somehow, but have to prepare now to get back to skool next week.

    Thanks for this wonderful link!


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