Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Scrabble Game Gets an A

It is hard to take on the original iconic Scrabble game with the beautiful wooden letter tiles, but Andrew Clifford Capener has turned over the gameboard entirely. He intends to create alphabet anarchy with his new designer edition he calls the A-1 Scrabble game. His protoType is designed to excite people about typography (doesn't everyone love it already?) as it provides the customer a choice of preferred font packs. Additional packs of assorted font designs can be ordered. His game is packaged in a beautiful birch wood box set with slots that contain the 6 magnetized board pieces. These fit nicely together to form the handsome black gameboard. The chances of Capener to make a move to produce the A-1 Scrabble set will be greatly increased if you sign his website. No promises yet or prices set, but let him know if it is a get.

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