Thursday, March 3, 2011

Posters of all Type

2011 Poster for a film screening about artist Ginny Ruffner at the 
Henry Art Gallery in Seattle. Designer unknown : (

1967 Polish poster promoting a cultural congress concerned
with books and the press. Designed by Jan Miodozeniec.
::Via: Pink Ponk Flickr

2003 poster for King of Hawaii at The Tractor Tavern.
Designed by Art Chantry.
:: Via: Gig Posters

100 Best Posters Show from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Design by Fons Hickmann.
:: Via: Typographic Posters

2011 poster for first meeting of Latin American Independent Publishers.
Designed by Isidro Ferrer.

2008 poster by Hungarian designer, Aron Jancso.
Sorry, no translation available.
:: Via Flickr

2011 liberation for Libya poster by Dev Gupta.
:: Via: DevGupta Flickr

2008 show poster for The Melvin's.
Design by Heads of State.

2009 CZentrifuga poster by Damien Tran.

2010 poster for the Eastside Bookshop in London.
Design by Mihail Mihaylov.

1990 poster for the 200th anniversary of Ben Franklin's genius.
Design by Paul Rand.

2002 poster for Ed Fella presentation at Nat's.
Design by Ed Fella.
:: Via: Tiny Texture

A small iota of type posters here today, but will gather more to display later. Please feel free to send me links if you know of some particularly nice typographic posters. Always happy to get them!

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  1. The Henry poster was art directed by Jayme Yen and designed by Ryan Diaz.


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